Loan Eligibility for Open Access Collection

User Category Number of materials Period (days)
Certificate / Diploma / Bachelor Student 3 14
Post Graduate Student 3 14
Tutor 5 20
Part - time Lecturer 3 20
Administration Staff 2 14
Part - time Administration Staff 2 14

1. The user is required to present their Kolej MDIS Malaysia ID card when borrowing library materials.

2. Borrowing and returning of library materials can be done at the Circulation Counter.

3. Renewal can be done at the Circulation Counter and can only be done once.

4. No renewal is allowed if other users have made reservations for the same material.

5. Telephone renewal is strictly prohibited. The renewal must be done by the users themselves.

6. The user is advised to check the due date in the library account in order to avoid fines for late returns and to check the library account to ensure that the records have been updated.

7. Absence from classes will not be acceptable as a valid reason for late return of materials. Late return of library materials due to illness must be supported by a medical certificate.

8. The user can reserve library materials that are currently on loan at the Circulation Counter.

9. The reserved materials will be located at the reservation shelf for seven working days after the materials are returned to the library.

10. If the user who had reserved the materials does not turn up to collect them, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

11. The librarian may ask the users to return all borrowed materials at certain times or for specific purposes, and users must comply with the directive. 12. Violators of the above regulations could face one of the following consequences :-
- They will not be allowed to enter and use the library for a specified time period or
- They will be asked to leave the library for a specified time period or
- They will be suspended of their borrowing eligibility for a specified time period or
- They will be suspended from library membership for a specified time period or
- They will be referred to the Student Affairs Office for further action.

13. The Library Committee has the authority to amend the Library Rules and Regulation whenever necessary

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